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Based in Lindfield, Haywards Heath and undertaking landscaping projects in East Sussex, West Sussex and London locations.
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Major Projects Reference Letter

Reference Letter 4I have been asked by the above to provide a reference relating to his employment with me during the 1990’s.

My company deals mainly with the construction side of landscaping but encompasses all aspects when undertaking major projects.

Dominic’s employment with me was coupled with a college course on Landscaping which gave him the advantage of a very wide field of knowledge. Almost immediately Dominic demonstrated a natural aptitude for landscaping and after a short period of time was able to undertake difficult technical tasks with confidence and skill. After Dominic completed his time with my company he went on to finish his college course where he excelled in most if not all subjects.

I consider myself fortunate in having had Dominic as an employee and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others, indeed when the occasion arises we still undertake large projects together even though he has his own very successful company.

I trust this letter will serve as an indication of the high regard in which Dominic is held and I would be more than happy to expand or clarify any further points as might be required by any interested parties.

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Expectation LandscapesExpectation Landscapes was established in 2000 by Dominic Smith and was a regular contributor to Ground Force Magazine.


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Marshalls Approved Landscape Contractors and Driveway Installers

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Complete Garden Design Consultancy from Expectation LandscapesIf you prefer to undertake the physical work yourself, but require inspiration, we also offer a garden design consultancy service from our professional Landscape Consultant.


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"Dominic has an impressive knowledge of techniques and materials and a refreshingly honest approach to the business side of things. He has a natural gift for design and knowing what will look right."